Monday, July 13, 2009

The Hippos are coming!

Hippos in colombia?
Apparently Pablo Escobar (former drug lord to some and a modern Robin Hood to others) Owned a pair of Hippos that became wild after his death and escaped to the Jungles of Colombia and have reproduced. Now they have become a problem and the Colombian government is trying to deal with a small wild herd of guerilla hippos by killing the leader Pepe.
From our translator C.A. Rivera (AKA CAR in Checzlovakia): Though some campesinos from Puerto Berrio had expressed their objection to the presence of the hippopotamus, yesterday many of them expressed their rejection of the operation that culminated in the death of "Pepe," as they affectionately called the animal. "We were accustomed to his being here, and what they did to him seems unjust. They could have captured him and transported him somewhere else. If they come back here we won't tell them where the baby is," they said.

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